Family Ministry

Our Mission

The Ministry to Families at FBC desires to be a part of helping the biological / nuclear family stay strong, healthy and solid in their homes and their life in Christ. We aim to accomplish this by working with our Women’s and Men’s ministries, as they support and educate the leaders of the family, “mom” “dad” through gatherings, Bible study groups, and ministry / missions opportunities.

We also partner with the Pre-School / Children / Student ministries as they come alongside the parents in grounding and educating the children / students in their faith-walk with Christ and how this is applied at home, school and recreation.

God intended the family to be THE stabilizing unit of society! So, if the family wobbles then too will ALL of society. Therefore the primary focus of the ministry to Families is to help spouses and parents fulfill their Biblical obligation to one another and to their children.

About Us

The existence of Family Ministries at FBC Dothan comes from the intense desire to see God “raise-up” families that will honor and glorify Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

Our purpose is to equip single adults, spouses, parents and grandparents, to glorify Him in everything they do. Some of the ways we equip include Prayer Groups, Bible Study Groups, ministry opportunities and Christian fellowship. We serve together with our Preschool, Children, Student, Music, Recreation and Missions ministries in order to develop and strengthen a person’s faith in Christ.


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